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Post Date: 20-03-2009

Se actualiza Versión 2010 de Incluye varias mejoras relacionadas con la estructura de la base de datos y con el diseño gráfico.

Post Date: 21-03-2009

Realizamos una celebración Oficial cocinando un Curanto con Chapalele y bien regado.

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Martes 11 de Marzo del año 2008 » 18:04 Horas.
Mangas Filtrantes Marca GORE
Filtros de mangas, gran varieda y aplicaciones...Air Filtration Products for the Minerals Industry Minerals Gores, membrane filter bags are installed in over 110 kiln baghouses around the world. This experience has given us intimate knowledge of what can be expected from new or existing applications. Whether your kiln is a wet process, long-dry process, a pre-heater kiln with or without an alkali bypass system, or an in-line raw mill circuit burning either conventional or alternative fuels, Gores proven experience can help. We are recognized by cement producers all over the world as the leader in high-performance filter media for kiln/mill, alkali, and other pulse jet or reverse air baghouses. GORE® Filter Bags and Cartridges provide emissions control, production increases, and the lowest overall maintenance and operating costs. Our air filtration products for the minerals industry are offered as thorough solutions. This means that you will receive expert support not just on bag design and installation, but also on optimizing flow parameters of your system to get the absolute best productivity. This process-specific product design and applications engineering approach has proven to be the lowest risk way to optimize your systems performance. Gore membranes GORE MicroFiltration Media combine high flow rate and high filtration efficiency, enabling high rates of airflow while remaining impermeable to water, aerosols, and particles. * .05 to 10µm reference pore size * Wide range of air flows * Wide range of liquid flows * Hydrophobic
José Chávez