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Jueves 09 de Noviembre del año 2006 » 13:53 Horas.
Engineering, A world leader in engineering-construction for more than centu
Innovation is perhaps the central feature of Bechtel’s engineering work...


Bechtel is a global engineering, construction and project management company with more than a century of experience on complex projects in challenging locations.

Privately owned with headquarters in San Francisco, we have 40 offices around the world and 40,000 employees. We had revenues of $18.1 billion in 2005 and booked new work valued at $18.5 billion.

What We Do

  • Roads and rail systems
  • Airports and seaports
  • Fossil and nuclear power plants
  • Refineries and petrochemical facilities
  • Mines and smelters
  • Defense and aerospace facilities
  • Environmental cleanup projects
  • Telecommunications networks
  • Pipelines
  • Oil and gas field development

Integrity and Respect

Bechtels culture is grounded in integrity and respect. This means holding the highest standards of ethical business culture. Our reputation for adhering to these standards is one of our most valuable assets. We stand by everything we do. More4

Our Goal: Zero Accidents

Bechtel has a world-class safety program, and it pays off. Nearly 90 percent of our projects complete each year without a lost-time accident. Our philosophy is simple—every accident, and therefore every injury, is preventable.

For more than a century, Bechtel has ranked among the world leaders in engineering-construction. From our pioneering work on Hoover Dam more than 65 years ago to our present work on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link in Europe, our name has been synonymous with engineering excellence and achievement in a wide variety of project areas: power plants; refineries; telecommunications systems; mining and metallurgical facilities; high-voltage transmission lines; pipelines; dams; rapid transit systems; airports; marine terminals; highways and roads; oil and gas field installations; and major commercial facilities.


Innovation is perhaps the central feature of Bechtel’s engineering work. On a typical engineering project, novel and puzzling situations have a way of cropping up constantly. And the ability to respond creatively to these challenges—to innovate—can spell the difference between success and failure.

For this reason we believe that our strength as an engineering innovator is reflected not in the number of important patents our people hold (although they hold many such patents), nor in the number of technical papers they publish (although they publish hundreds every year), nor in the many advances we have made in frontier fields such as fused reality simulation and remote sensing.

Rather, our strength as an innovator is reflected in the sum total of successful engineering projects completed. And by this measure, we are second to none.

Recent Experience

  • Boston Central Artery/Tunnel Project
    A Bechtel joint venture is managing the replacement of Bostons aging highway system—the largest project of its kind in the United States. When completed in 2005, the project will comprise 161 lane-miles of interstate highway—over half of it underground. Its host of civil engineering firsts include the world’s widest cable-stayed bridge, the deepest underwater connection in North America, state-of-the-art freeway segments built only inches above 19th century public transit railways, and an unprecedented ground-freezing program to stabilize Boston’s historic soils during construction. More
  • CSPC Nanhai Petrochemical Complex
    A Bechtel joint venture is managing engineering, procurement, and construction of the CSPC Nanhai Petrochemicals Project, the largest Sino-foreign investment in China to date. The grassroots project will involve the construction of an ethylene cracker with a capacity of 800,000 tons per annum (tpa), together with other process units, power generation, utilities, and infrastructure. When completed in 2005, the complex will comprise 11 chemical plants, including an ethylene cracker with an annual capacity of 800,000 tonnes, together with utilities and infrastructure. The plants will produce more than half a dozen industrial chemicals More
  • Channel Tunnel Rail Link
    The 109 kilometers of track, overhead power, and signaling systems that run through several tunnels and over many bridges will be Britain’s first high-speed rail lineand its first major new railwayin a century. When completed in 2007, the CTRL will connect London with the Channel Tunnel, enabling Eurostar trains to whisk passengers between London and Paris (or Brussels) in just two hours and 15 minutes at speeds up to 300 kilometers per hour. More
  • Hanford Environmental Restoration Program
    Bechtel is building a nuclear waste treatment plant for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) at Hanford, in Washington State. The facility, costing more than $4 billion, will vitrify 200 million liters of hazardous chemical and radioactive waste into glass logs that can be stored safely for thousands of years. It is one of the largest federal capital projects today, and one of the most critical environmental cleanup problems in the country.


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