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Drill rigs, Versadrill Canada. kmB 1.4, Capacity : 4600 (1400m) with B rod
capable of handling 1.75 to 4.9 (44.5 mm to 124 mm) diameter drill rods...


Fordia Group has one clear focus – to provide the best diamond-drilling tools and equipment for the world’s leading mineral drilling exploration companies.

That is our mission.

How we live it is our strength. We provide exceptional service, demonstrated daily by our worldwide representatives. Our distribution network ensures Fordia products can be delivered globally, right on schedule. We are committed to quality, innovation and technology.

And we pride ourselves in being a team that is appreciated – internally by our colleagues and externally by our customers.

Our mission is based on our core values – those guiding principles that characterize how we think and act. Communication. Recognition. Precision. Expansion. Financial Performance.

This is what characterizes who we are and who we aim to be. They are the reasons that our customers stay with Fordia Group.

Versadrill Canada

FORDIA is the official distributor of Versadrill Canada.

Versadrill Canada innovative drill rigs and equipment are designed for diamond core drilling – to offer one drill rig for a wide range of uses, whether surface or underground drilling, Heliport drill for fly-in programs, environmental drilling or geotechnical drilling.

Versadrill maintains a clear mission: Based on the needs of the industry, they design innovative equipment that is simple to use, easy to maintain, and increases productivity, while reducing operational costs.

Every product is designed for performance, lightweight, durability and respects health, security and environmental standards.

kmB 1.4
Capacity : 4600 (1400m) with B rod

VersaDrill Canadas mandate at the outset was to fill the gap for the need of a lightweight long stroke portable drill rig. The final concept to the VersaDrill design was brought about in part by listening to the industry principals, contractors including the exploration sector.

The formula for bringing this type of drill rig to fruition was drilling know how, determination and having a good understanding of the marketplace. The concept of a versatile drill that can be utilized on the surface just as easily as underground with minimum retrofitting has merit from an end users view point, especially when it minimizes capital cost for those who offer both types of service.

Aside from the numerous technical aspects of our drill rig, the next feature is its greater depth capacity to weight ratio brought about by the employment of aluminium and its conception. This lightweight design facilitates and reduces the number of helicopter moves. The power pack is constructed in a two-piece configuration for transportation and to facilitate and accommodate the changing of the power type to suit either drilling application. Particularly interesting on our drill is the rod holder and chuck that are capable of handling 1.75 to 4.9 (44.5 mm to 124 mm) diameter drill rods.

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