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Se actualiza Versión 2010 de Incluye varias mejoras relacionadas con la estructura de la base de datos y con el diseño gráfico.

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innovative concept called Project Development Assurance......


At Golder Associates, we strive to be the most respected global group specialising in ground engineering and environmental services.  Employee-owned since our formation in 1960, we have created a unique culture with pride in ownership, resulting in long-term organisational stability.  Our professionals take the time to build an understanding of our clients needs and of the specific environments in which they operate.   Golder has experienced steady growth in the number of people we employ and our technical capabilities.  We now employ over 4,500 people who operate from more than 130 offices across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.


We provide a responsive, local presence coupled with a networked structure of companies designed to facilitate sharing of experience across international boundaries.

Whether your project is large or small, straightforward or complex, Golder can customise service packages to suit your particular needs and industry.

Our capabilities are as unique as the individual engineers and scientists who provide them.  Individually, our consultants have an extensive range of experience; collectively as Golder Associates, their ability to provide you with the service you need is exponentially greater.

Our service areas have grown to accommodate our clients needs, from specialist services to total project management and complete solutions.  From our foundations in geotechniques and soil science, our expertise has expanded into all aspects of environmental science.

Industries Served

To enhance the value we provide to clients and to better address the diverse and changing needs of the various market sectors, we formed specialised industry groups across the Golder Associates companies, which share information and best practices from around the world. Through such cross-industry knowledge, we help our clients find the best solution.

Oil & Gas
Waste Management
Land Development
Water Resource Management
The Finance, Insurance, Real Estate & Legal Professions

Golder Associates Operations

The Golder Associates group has established a network of more than 130 offices across 22 countries, enabling us to meet the needs of clients who require specialised knowledge of local conditions, as well as clients who require global resources.

Whether your company is local, national, or international, we are wherever you need us, whenever you need us.

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Defining ore reserves can be a long and arduous process. Poor decisions on sampling protocols or quality control made early in a project may lead to delays and expensive rework before a bankable project is achieved.

To help clients avoid these problems Golder Associates has developed an innovative concept called Project Development Assurance. Our objective and approach is to provide real-time continuous monitoring and auditing of exploration/mine development procedures from drilling to geological modelling to ensure a smooth transition into resource estimation and feasibility studies.

Our teams have a broad range of experience from resource drilling supervision through to feasibility studies over a wide range of commodities. Because of this, we can provide practical and continuous quality assurance and quality control feedback as drilling and data collection progresses.

We work with clients to implement data collection, validation and storage procedures that produce robust results, first time. We acknowledge the value of historical data and help clients to design programs for confirmation, validation and reformatting of old drill hole data to meet present needs. Practical geological experience is blended with careful statistical analysis to determine the suitability of old geochemical data for resource estimation and feasibility studies.

With the audit procedures in place, the value of your exploration data is maximised and time spent reviewing and rectifying deficiencies after the drilling program is minimised.

Our team ensures that all issues in the international codes for the reporting of mineral resources that deal with the collection of data for the resource estimate are properly addressed, thereby increasing investor confidence and reducing project risk.


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