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Lunes 12 de Febrero del año 2007 » 23:47 Horas.
FFE Minerals is the world leader in the supply of rotary kilns and dryers
for processing alumina, bauxite, copper concentrate, lightweight aggregate...

FFE Minerals

FFE Minerals provides engineered mineral processing equipment and services to the mining, metallurgical, pyroprocessing, alumina, and pulp & paper industries. To successfully compete in todays challenging world economy, companies often require innovative solutions to make their plant operating systems function at peak efficiency. Utilizing the latest in equipment technology, resources and materials, FFE Minerals engineered solutions help our customers find the optimum designs, equipment and process support for their systems.

Behind our organization is FLSmidth, an international group of companies based in Denmark that incorporates expertise and competence in high technology engineering and environmentally compatible solutions for a variety of minerals extraction, processing, distribution, and related industries. A dedicated focus and an international scope provide FLSmidth - and FFE Minerals - with a solid foundation for growth. When you select FFE Minerals as your partner, you also bring this solid foundation and support to your business.

With over 80 years of experience and close to 1,000 installations, FFE Minerals is the world leader in the supply of rotary kilns and dryers to the minerals industry. FFE Minerals has supplied rotary kilns and dryers for processing alumina, bauxite, copper concentrate, lightweight aggregate, lime sludge, limestone and phosphate.

Kiln and dryer shells are rolled to exacting tolerances, and are sufficiently strong to accept reasonable misalignment, overloads and thermal stresses. All shop joints are automatically welded. Riding rings are of full-floating design and are machined on all surfaces. The roller supports are the two-roller type, made of either cast or forged steel rollers shrunk onto shafts of medium-carbon forgings. At least one support mechanism in each kiln is normally equipped with a pair of thrust rollers with bearings to prevent the kiln from moving uphill or downhill. Various types of air seals have been devised for both the feed and discharge ends of the rotary kilns or dryers.

Kilns and dryers are normally driven at speeds between 0.4 and 3.5 RPM. Proper design of the drive is essential to long drive life and to vibration-free power transmission. The drive train consists of a motor, gear reducer, pinion and main gear. The main gear is attached with tangent spring plate mounts which allow expansion or contraction of the shell without affecting gear alignment, or "goose necking" the shell. This method of attachment also absorbs vibration, and helps create smooth transmission of power.

FFE Minerals Chile S.A.
Barros Errázuriz 1954, Of. 708
Providencia, Santiago
Tel: 56-2-328-2900
Fax: 56-2-341-0484