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Conveyor Fastening Systems, Belt Cutters, Multotec
Belt Cutters For Mining and Industry...



Consistent commitment to quality standards, innovative technology and customer satisfaction has seen the Multotec Group remain at the forefront of minerals processing technology.

Since its establishment in 1973, the Group has maintained its leading position in the industry by adopting a proactive approach to research and development. This approach and commitment has seen tangible solutions to meet market demands.

Multotec Head Office at 28 Forge
Road, Spartan, Johannesburg South Africa

The growth achieved by the Multotec Group both locally and internationally can be attributed to its most important resource – well qualified, trained and competent people forming the cornerstone of the Group’s ongoing success. Ongoing training and personnel development ensures that high levels of customer service are consistently maintained, and this compliments the Groups range of products and services.

Quality remains an integral part of the Group’s ongoing strategy and all companies within the group are ISO 9000:2000 accredited which underscores this commitment. This systems approach has also been extended with the implementation of the J D Edwards state-of-the-art ERP system which facilitates optimum levels of interface between major customers and the Group.

Research and development is an ongoing process, and the Group’s mechanical and process engineers work closely with customers to find the best and most economical alternatives and processes. As part of its research and development programme, the Multotec Group also works in collaboration with research centres, technical institutes and universities worldwide.

The Multotec Groups philosophy remains simple, yet sound – “consistent commitment to quality standards, innovative technology and customer satisfaction”.

1974 MULTOTEC MANUFACTURING established as the first to manufacture polyurethane screen panels in South Africa.
1978 Continually up-dated technology through R & D led to diversification into mineral beneficiation equipment, MULTOTEC PROCESS EQUIPMENT begins cyclone manufacture in South Africa.
1981 Emerging needs for minimizing maintenance costs and supply effective abrasion resistant materials led to the founding of MULTOTEC WEAR LININGS to manufacture dense alumina ceramics in South Africa.
1987 Close co-operation beteween the IDC, the Coal Mining Industry and MULTOTEC resulted in the manufacture of MATO conveyor belt fastening systems in South Africa.

Ongoing R & D results in the manufacture of spirals in MULTOTEC PROCESS EQUIPMENT.
1987 Sampling systems manufactured in South Africa are introduced by MULTOTEC PROCESS EQUIPMENT.
1997 Driven by market demand for superior dense alumina ceramic manufacture at cost effective prices, MULTOTEC WEAR LININGS, MOH-9 and DEBEX merge to provide two decades of expertise in manufacure and design under one South African umbrella.
2000 Centrifuges and filter presses become available through the incorporation of SEPROTECH into the MULTOTEC GROUP.

MULTOTEC RUBBER and MULTOTEC FLOTATION begin manufacture of high quality components from the sound footing of the MULTOTEC GROUP.

Belt Cutters

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Belt Cutter MC For Industry

The belt cutter MC can be used for belts up to 10mm thick and is available in standard sizes of 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm width.

Belt Cutter MR For Industry

The belt cutter MR can be used for belts up to 19mm thick and is available in standard sizes of 900mm, 1200mm and 1500mm width.

Belt Cutters For Mining

The MATO belt cutters have been developed for conditions arduous in the mining and aggregate industries. There are two types of cutters offered in standard sizes of 1200, 1500 and 1800mm.

Heavy Duty version for belts 15-30mm thick.

Medium Duty version for belts up to 20mm thick.

Johannesburg (Head Office)
28 Forge Rd
Kempton Park
South Africa

Postal address:
PO Box 224
Kempton Park
South Africa

Contact details:
Tel: +27-11-923-6000
Fax: +27-11-394-8701/ 970-2610
Pretoria (Linings)
251 East Street
Pretoria North
South Africa

Postal Address
PO Box 16993
Pretoria North
South Africa

Contact Details
Tel: +27-12-546-0461
Fax: +27-12-546-0460

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