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Se actualiza Versión 2010 de Incluye varias mejoras relacionadas con la estructura de la base de datos y con el diseño gráfico.

Post Date: 21-03-2009

Realizamos una celebración Oficial cocinando un Curanto con Chapalele y bien regado.

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Mine Planning & Equipment Optimisation. Outsourcing of Mine Planning.
planning methods integrate costing and financial analysis techniques....



Career Opportunities

Runge is a global leader in the provision of Mining Technology Services.

Our International head office is located in Brisbane, Australia, with regional offices in Perth and the Hunter Valley. We have offices in the UK (London); South Africa (Johannesburg and Witbank); Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur); USA (Denver and Gillette); Chile (Santiago) and Brazil (Belo Horizonte).

Runge was founded in 1979. We have enjoyed 28 years of unprecedented growth serving the mining industry with products and services to improve mine business planning. These include a comprehensive suite of software products, consulting services and technical and professional development training.

Our extensive client base includes mining houses in coal, metalliferous and precious metals, to commodity trading houses and financial institutions.

Runge’s commitment is to providing technical excellence with a focus on economic solutions. We recognise that this commitment is also essential when applied within our own organisation. Runge realise that the people we employ are vital to our mission and goals and are pivotal to the success of the organisation.

For more information, please contact Michael Scott, Human Resources Manager.

Phone: +61 7 3100 7200

Mine Planning & Equipment Optimisation

Outsourcing of Mine Planning
Runges systematic planning methods integrate costing and financial analysis techniques into all aspects of mine planning so profit-oriented planning decisions are made.
Increasingly, our clients are finding that Runge provides an efficient and cost effective service where previously on-site personnel would have been used to optimise and improve the economics of mining operations and potential projects.

Project Linked Outsourcing of Management and Operational Personnel
This includes supply of experienced personnel on a temporary basis to act as mine foremen, engineers, or site managers.
Assignments of this nature vary widely in scope and duration and cover all aspects of mine planning, production and contractor evaluations.

Equipment Optimisation
The Runge software system TALPAC allows rapid assessment of factors affecting truck and loader productivity and cost, and incorporation of this data into mine plans. This contributes to the selection of the most practical and cost efficient mine plan, and also provides important guidelines for operational personnel in changing or setting up new truck and loader systems.
After the systems are implemented, actual production reconciles closely against expected production.

Dragline Analysis/Optimisation
Runges sophisticated DRAGSIM system enables computer modelling of a base case situation and the subsequent study of “what if” options to determine optimum machine configurations and operating methods.
Our dragline optimisation work has commonly resulted in productivity gains exceeding 10 percent with no additional capital investment - and often provides the additional benefit of delaying extra expenditure on additional stripping equipment.

Truck/Shovel Analysis/Optimisation
Project optimisation using operation based research techniques to model the production cost and revenue relationships of a project to determine maximum revenue generation whilst meeting market and production criteria.

Crushing and conveying studies
Runge provides studies on crushing, conveying and the use of continuous mining methods. Many mines stand to benefit significantly if less labour intensive mining methods could be used. In these cases, reductions in mine operating costs are defined, and these are “traded off” against any reductions in operational flexibility. New systems can be implemented without the risk of discovering that loss of operational flexibility has totally eroded planned cost savings.

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