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Post Date: 20-03-2009

Se actualiza Versión 2010 de Incluye varias mejoras relacionadas con la estructura de la base de datos y con el diseño gráfico.

Post Date: 21-03-2009

Realizamos una celebración Oficial cocinando un Curanto con Chapalele y bien regado.

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  Transductores : 17 Resultados 
Sitop – Power Up With Confidence. Power Up With Maximum Safety.
With SITOP, you''re sure of quality and reliability.
Región de Atacama: Mina Limbo [27/3/2007]16:28Hrs
Tk21 Oscilloscope Interface, Allows Virtually Any Dual-channel
While many oscilloscopes have X-,Y-, and Z-input capabilities, they are...
Región de Atacama: Mina Flor De Tulipan [13/11/2006]18:42Hrs
Tk17 Torsional Vibration Signal Conditioner
used to condition the signals from two proximity probes or optical transduc
Región de Atacama: Mina Inesperada [13/11/2006]18:40Hrs
Tk16 Keyphasor® Multiplier/divider
this portable device can be used to multiply and/or divide a multiple-event
Región de Atacama: Mina Farellones [13/11/2006]18:38Hrs
Tk15 Keyphasor® Conditioner And Power Supply
device is used to power and condition temporary Keyphasor® transducers
Región de Atacama: Mina Las Pintadas [13/11/2006]18:36Hrs
123135 Velomitor Power Module Kit , Portable Device
provide power for up to four (4) Velomitor® transducers
Región de Atacama: Mina Priscila [13/11/2006]18:31Hrs
Test, Simulation, And Calibration, Precision Micrometers
permits bench testing of proximity transducers using a factory-supplied tar
Región de Tarapacá: Mina Huinquintipa [13/11/2006]18:22Hrs
Transducers, Custom Applications
Cryogenic or extreme temperatures? Hard-to-fit mounting locations? Special
Región de Tarapacá: Mina Kainita [13/11/2006]17:03Hrs
Tranducers, Transducer Accessories
From mounting brackets to conduit, junction boxes to cable protectors
Región de Tarapacá: Mina Kainita [13/11/2006]17:01Hrs
Transducers, Rebam® (rolling Element Bearing Activity Monitor)
special-purpose, high-gain eddy current proximity probe systems...
Región de Antofagasta: Mina San Lorenzo Cachinalito [13/11/2006]17:00Hrs
Speed / Phase Reference (keyphasor®), Transducer
for speed, overspeed, and phase reference applications.
Región de Antofagasta: Mina Madrugador [13/11/2006]16:58Hrs
Optical Transducers, Portable, Temporary-mount Optical Transducer
ideal for establishing Keyphasor® phase reference events
Región de Antofagasta: Mina Juana [13/11/2006]16:56Hrs
Transducers, Case Expansion / Valve Position
They are typically used in conjunction with other transducers as part of a
Región de Antofagasta: Mina J.A.M. [13/11/2006]16:53Hrs
Transducers, Pressure, Special-purpose Pressure Transducer
applications such as combustor instability (humming) detection on gas tur
Región de Tarapacá: Mina San Eduardo [13/11/2006]16:50Hrs
Velocity And Acceleration, Transducers
Unlike proximity probes which observe the machine’s shaft directly
Región de Antofagasta: Mina Marimaca [13/11/2006]16:47Hrs
Transducers, Proximity Probes, Various Tip Diameters And Thread Sizes
allow direct observation of shaft or target displacement for a variety ..
Región de Tarapacá: Minera Nueva Victoria S.A [13/11/2006]16:46Hrs
3300 Xl 50mm Proximity System, An All-new Long-range Transducer System
The new Bently Nevada™ 3300 XL 50mm transducer system is a highly robust an
Región de Antofagasta: Mina Mariela E Ignacia [9/11/2006]14:58Hrs