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Post Date: 20-03-2009

Se actualiza Versión 2010 de Incluye varias mejoras relacionadas con la estructura de la base de datos y con el diseño gráfico.

Post Date: 21-03-2009

Realizamos una celebración Oficial cocinando un Curanto con Chapalele y bien regado.

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Mb3000. Ftir Laboratory Spectrometer.
Step up to the new MB3000 FTIR spectrometer from ABB.
Región de Coquimbo: Mina Manto Grueso [6/7/2007]21:43Hrs
Accessories For The Ftla-ftpa .ftla - Acc100 - Tablet Sampling Accessory
Whole tablet NIR transmission accessory.
Región de Coquimbo: Mina Linda Hermosa [6/7/2007]21:40Hrs
Ftla2000-ph30 . Raw Material Identification Takes Only 5 To 10 Seconds..
The use of powerful discrimination algorithms, like Partial Least Squares.
Región de Coquimbo: Mina La Niña [5/7/2007]22:36Hrs
Ftla2000-ch10 - Oleochemir .
Optimize oleochemical and edible oil or fat production by rapid on-site ...
Región de Coquimbo: Mina Loma Negra [5/7/2007]22:31Hrs
Ftla2000-ph60. Can Be Automated Using A 30-sample Carousel.
analyzer can analyze coated and uncoated tablets, caplets, capsules, gelc..
Región de Coquimbo: Mina Piedras Blancas [5/7/2007]22:29Hrs
Accessories For The Ftla-ftpa. Whole Tablet Nir Transmission Accessory.
Analysis of powders is best done with this sampling accessory.
Región de Coquimbo: Mina La Estrella [5/7/2007]22:26Hrs
Ftla2000-ch20 - Hoval . Abb Qa/qc Laboratory Solutions .
The HOval analyzer is supplied as a complete (calibrated) QA / QC analyzer
Región de Antofagasta: Mina Raul Luis [5/7/2007]22:21Hrs
Ftir-nir Spectrometers Ftla2000-100 Series
Insensitive to moisture and outstanding sensitivity in the 6500 to 500 cm-1
Región de Antofagasta: Mina Tropezon [5/7/2007]22:16Hrs
Ftir - Ftpa2000-300. Extremely Sturdy, Can Be Operated In Any Orientation.
Methods never require adjustment, even after maintenance.
Región de Coquimbo: Mina Perlita [5/7/2007]22:12Hrs
Acc127 - Clippir - Wpa - Accessory .
The Clippir is a unique and revolutionary monitoring technology from ABB ..
Región de Valparaíso: Mina María José [5/7/2007]22:05Hrs
Ftir - Ftpa2000-460 . Multiple Component Analysis From A Single System.
On-line Solutions for the Chemical and Hydrocarbon Processing Industries .
Región de Atacama: Mina Limbo [5/7/2007]22:03Hrs
Ftir - Ftpa2000-200 . Multi-point, Multi-stream Ftir Analyzer.
Designed for remote, real-time monitoring of continuous and batch processes
Región de Coquimbo: Mina Marcelita [5/7/2007]19:17Hrs
Espectrometros De Emision Optica Por Chispa, De Fluorecencia De Rayos X.
Instrumentos fundamentales en la industria, la investigacion, el desarrollo
Región del Maule: Mina Santa Elisa [3/5/2007]11:41Hrs