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Post Date: 20-03-2009

Se actualiza Versión 2010 de Incluye varias mejoras relacionadas con la estructura de la base de datos y con el diseño gráfico.

Post Date: 21-03-2009

Realizamos una celebración Oficial cocinando un Curanto con Chapalele y bien regado.

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The Cornerstone Of Bhp Billiton’s Diamonds Business Is The Ekati Diamond
The Diamonds and Specialty Products group encompasses Diamonds and Titanium
Región de Antofagasta: Mina Hilary [24/7/2007]0:32Hrs
Geotechnical Equipment And Sampling Products. Fordia Group.
specifically designed for the demanding challenges of diamond mining...
Región de Atacama: Mina Katinay [16/12/2006]15:27Hrs
Diamond Tools , Pcd Drill Bits. Fordia Group.
PCD core bits may be used with water, mud, or air flushing....
Región de Antofagasta: Mina Llano-Gambeta [16/12/2006]15:24Hrs
Diamond Locking , Our Tungsten Carbide Pads Last Longer And Protect Better
The performance of our couplings is comparable with welded pads technology
Región de Atacama: Mina Las Pintadas [16/12/2006]15:22Hrs
Diamond Tools , Use Fordia Saw Blades For All Your Cutting Needs.
fusion-welded technology to provide the ultimate in bonding strength....
Región de Atacama: Mina Inesperada [16/12/2006]15:20Hrs
Diamond Tools , Reaming Shells. Our Durable Rhino Diamond Reaming Shells
use quality natural diamonds set in a very resistant matrix....
Región de Atacama: Mina Las Coquetas [16/12/2006]15:18Hrs
Diamond Tools , Gator. Impregnated, Heavy-duty And Surface-set Casing Shoes
GATOR casing shoes are the cost efficient solution for drilling overburden
Región de Atacama: Mina Katinay [16/12/2006]15:15Hrs
Core Bits Dxp2 Y P200, Thin Wall Diamond Core Bits. Fordia Group.
Each segment of the bit is individually pressed at very high pressure ....
Región de Atacama: Mina Monte Carmelo [16/12/2006]15:13Hrs
Cre Bits, Shark. Impregnated Diamond Core Bits . Fordia Group.
SHARK’s quality impregnated matrices suit all possible formations...
Región de Atacama: Mina Jilguero [16/12/2006]15:09Hrs
Core Bits, T Xtreme Core Bits, New Standard Protection .fordia Group.
Enhanced cutting, better life with titanium coated diamonds....
Región de Atacama: Mina Escapada 1a [16/12/2006]15:06Hrs
Core Bits, Vulcan, 16mm Diamond Drilling Bit . Fordia Group.
reduces the number of pull-outs by 33% in comparison to the 12mm bit...
Región de Atacama: Mina Manto De Pleito [16/12/2006]15:02Hrs